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my name is wendi shoenfeld [spelled wendi shoenfeld, not wendy shoenfeld, wendy schoenfeld.. or any other variation that people want to come up with]. i live in ny but im not one of those landlocked new yorkers that never leaves. i like to travel and get away, whether by car or plane – i like leaving because it makes me appreciate where im from. i have a BFA with a concentration in photography from SUNY purchase. photography is something that i love and ive taken it upon myself to devote 90% of my life to it. i go to punk and hardcore shows with my camera to document where ive been. my fine art photographs are a catalog of what ive chosen to remember from my travels and life. contact me with questions, comments, or suggestions at or click on the comment button to send me an email. thanks for stopping by.

*please do not steal my photos.. theyre mine and they mean the world to me.. BUT because one person always ruins it for someone - all of my pictures are watermarked for a reason. if you enjoy any enough that you would like to have them for yourself, email me and we can discuss it. im an insanely reasonable person, i just hate when people steal my work.*

*if you have any interest in any band photos from before january 2008 - get in touch! xo*

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october 2007 - present
Fine Art Portfolio
1999 - present
The Gates, Central Park
Jared and Hannah's Wedding
Major League XMaverickX
Minnesota And Iowa For 48 Hours
New York To California And Back In 12 Days
Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear
Random Amsterdam Trip February 2006
Sean Martin Signs

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